Action/Reaction Trade Levels 

The Daily Major Action/Reaction Levels Are One Of Many Indicators Utilized And Referenced During The Trading Day.

 The Daily Major Action/Reaction Levels Represent Insights Using Calculations From Current Market Levels Along With Daily, Monthly and Yearly Charts To Obtain A Referencing Point To Possibly Use With Any Number Of Intraday Trading Techniques Such As Reversal, Fade or Momentum Trading. These Levels Change Daily But Are The Same Throughout The Trading Day.

I Use A/R Levels In Cooperation With Other Proprietary Tools That I Have Developed Thru Out The Trading Day. Using The Experience Accumulated Over The Last 18 years, I Zero In On Opportunities By Recognizing Possible Market Direction, That Allows Me To Minimize Slippage And Risk, While Maximizing The Ability To Stay In The Trade To Fruition.
1st, I Build My Plan Of Action (A Daily Road Map) By Analyzing Major Market Index Action From The Previous Day, Weeks, Months and Years To develop An Hypothesis, an Opinion In An Attempt To Predict Daily Market Direction & Intra Day Trading Opportunities That I Believe Is Second To None And Can Be Incorporated & Compliment Ones Own Strategy, Regardless Of Preferred Market.

2nd , My Method Incorporates Action/Reaction Trade Levels Developed From Taking The Previous Day Trading Action and Combining Those Levels With Daily, Monthly and Yearly Charts Across Many Major Market Indexes Utilizing Fibonacci Levels, Andrew Pitchforks Among Other Technical Indicators. From This I Calibrate The Most Probable Areas Of Action/Reaction Levels (Support & Resistance), That As The Trading Day Develops Offers Possible Intra Day Opportunities. Only After Careful Analysis Of These Areas, is a Continuation Of Trend Affirmed Or A Possible Reversal Around These Levels Confirmed.

IMPORTANT : Each Individual Trader Should Understand Their Own Tolerance For Risk and Implement Money Management Capital Preservation Disciplines When Trading Markets.